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Why and How to Get Your Omega-3's

Good fats, bad fats, it can all get a little confusing—especially with “essential” fatty acids. If they are essential, does that mean they are always good for you? Not in the case of Omega-6. While Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats are both essential to good health and serve important functions, the key is striking the right balance or ratio.

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When it comes to stress; there are two times of the day when people often feel stressed: when you wake up in the morning and you know you have a really busy day ahead of you and you’re stressed almost before your feet touch the floor. If you can take the time to do a Wai Lana DVD, this can put you into an entirely different frame of mind that stays with you throughout the day, particularly the meditation at the end. That is a wonderful start to your day. And another time of potential stress is in the evening. You come home after work after a busy day, and you are stressed.


By the regular practice of yoga meditation, you can greatly reduce tension and stress and overcome anxiety, worry, and other disturbances of the mind.

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