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Yoga Insights

Gaining Insights Through Meditation

Approaching life with the principles of yoga as our foundation will bring us keen insights—whether about our relationships, our personal situation, or our work. These insights will enable us to find a solution to any situation or problem in life.

When we’re faced with a difficult decision, if we’re unable to come up with a solution after analyzing the pros and cons, all too often we just sit there focusing our attention on the problem.

But we’re not going to solve any problem by “meditating on” or focusing our attention one-pointedly on it; rather, the problem will be solved only if we focus our attention on the solution. In other words, the solution doesn’t come from focusing our attention on the problem. That’s like hitting our heads against the wall.

Where do solutions to problems come from then? They appear to us from within as insights. But insights are not able to make their way to the surface of our consciousness if they’re being blocked by the stress, worry, anxiety, and frustration that results from focusing our attention on the problem. So we need to release that stress, worry, and frustration and forget about the problem for a while. We can practice yoga asanas, yoga breathing, or yoga relaxation to help ease stress. But most importantly, we should practice Yoga Sound Meditation and make it a regular part of our lives. Just as a child rests in his mother’s arms and all his fears disappear, we too can take shelter in Yoga Sound Meditation. It eases the deep-seated anxiety we often experience and allows insights—and solutions—to bubble to the surface of our consciousness.

To give an analogy, we sometimes experience sudden power outages where we are left sitting in a dark room. Then suddenly the power comes on and the room is again filled with light. We didn’t turn the light on; it just suddenly lights up. Insights are like that. An insight just appears. The more we practice Yoga Sound Meditation, the calmer we will become and the more we will notice insights—and solutions—coming to us.

Extra Care for Yoga Flow

A lot of times I like to practice asanas one at a time, holding the poses for a while and taking short rests in between, when appropriate. But I also like to practice Salute to the Sun, flowing from one pose to another. Because there are so many different types of flow yoga classes available now, I just wanted to give you a few words of caution, especially if you’re new to the practice of asanas.

The Real Purpose of Yoga

Some people practice yoga to attain a perfect body—in terms of lasting beauty and health. However, such a goal is impossible to achieve. A real yogi recognizes this fact. A real yogi knows that the purpose of yoga asanas and breathing techniques is to attain optimum health—or one’s best possible physical condition, given their genetics, history, lifestyle, environment, and age.

Yoga for the Immune System

Practicing yoga asanas, even doing gentle poses for just 15 minutes a day, releases tension from our bodies, reduces our stress, and strengthens our immune system, all of which help keep away winter ills like coughs and colds. Doing Salute to the Sun regularly is also quite beneficial for building up resistance to coughs and colds. Yoga asanas in general help us breathe more fully, which strengthens our lungs and helps make them more resilient to viruses that are often floating around. Regular practice is key for prevention, because once you catch a cold, it’s best to rest.


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