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Stay Safe, Relaxed & Healthy

Tips for staying healthy and relaxed during these challenging times

Reaching out

Why not take some time today to reach out to a relative or friend you haven’t talked to in a while?

You never know, you may be able to deliver the encouragement they were really needing.

I think I’ll call my mom now :)


Meditation has helped me in so many ways during every stage of life, no matter what I was going through.

The harder the times were, the more rewarding it felt to be meditating.


At times like this, people are understandably nervous when someone around them coughs or sneezes. But even talking can spread infection.

You may have heard of the yoga practice called mauna, where a person consciously refrains from speaking.

It may sound easy, but many people have a very hard time not talking.

It is a relevant practice right now and it’s a nice feeling to not feel obligated to just talk and talk.

Spreading less germs is an added bonus.