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Stay Safe, Relaxed & Healthy

Tips for staying healthy and relaxed during these challenging times

Good hygiene

Staying at home as much as possible has been useful to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

However one of the most powerful tools we have is to practice good hygiene.

Not only will that help us fight this virus but any other germs coming our way.

Outer and inner protection

When it comes to maintaining your health, there is outer protection and inner protection.

Outer protection means doing everything you can to keep yourself from coming into contact with the virus.

Inner protection means strengthening your immune system and overall health in case you do end up exposed to illness.

Be kind

These have been uncertain times, especially for some parts of the world where Covid19 has hit harder. If there was ever a time to react to others in kindness, it’s now.

Weraing masks while jogging

I’ve seen people trying to be safe by wearing masks while they’re jogging.

We should keep in mind that if we’re doing aerobic exercise and wearing a mask, we may not get 100% of our oxygen needs. So we may tire more quickly.

Consider walking instead, because it won’t compromise your oxygen needs. Or if you prefer to jog or cycle without a mask, try to find places with no people around.

But even then, have your mask available, just in case you unexpectedly come across a situation where you can’t avoid being around people.

Thoughtful exercising

Yoga asanas and tai chi are good exercises for most people because they don’t deplete your energy.

Other exercises, like jogging or running, aren’t ideal for everyone because they can cause exhaustion.