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Stay Safe, Relaxed & Healthy

Tips for staying healthy and relaxed during these challenging times

Good morning!

Whatever we do first thing in the morning can really set the tone for the whole day.

Starting my day with meditation and prayer puts me in the right frame of mind to take on whatever challenges the rest of the day will bring.

If you don’t already meditate in the morning, try it everyday for a week and see for yourself how much it can help your mood throughout the day.

This too shall pass

When that moment comes, just before the last little bit of light disappears for the day, we can be at peace knowing that the darkness of night is only temporary and the daylight will appear again tomorrow. Likewise, we’ll be able to endure hard times when we recognize that “this too shall pass”.

Mother’s Day

The yoga scriptures not only teach us about our eternal identity and where we can find real happiness, they also share practical insights into relationships and how to have a harmonious society.

For example, the nurse is described as one of our mothers. So on this Mother’s Day, let us all send our heartfelt gratitude to honor the countless nurses who are working on the front lines during this coronavirus pandemic.

Keep a distance while exercising

It’s good to go outdoors to get some exercise as long as we can practice social distancing. Some experts have pointed out that when we’re exerting ourselves and breathing harder, our respiratory droplets go farther than 6 feet. So it’s actually recommended cyclists or joggers stay 13-15 feet apart.

The unseen enemy

I have seen in the media Coronavirus being called the unseen enemy. But by being aware of the risk and doing our best to follow expert recommendations, we can stay safe and help support all those on the front line who are fighting to treat and prevent the spread.

Foundation and refuge

My yoga practice is my comfort during these uncertain times. It is my foundation and refuge. I encourage all of you to take that inward journey. It can be as little as a few minutes a day in yoga meditation. Or a couple times a week practicing yoga asanas. Try it and you won’t be disappointed!