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Stay Safe, Relaxed & Healthy

Tips for staying healthy and relaxed during these challenging times

Earth Day

Mother Nature often gets mistreated. So one bright side is at least she’s getting a little break right now. And hopefully when things get back to a new normal, we’ll truly appreciate how nature’s beauty is worth protecting.

Wishing you well on Earth Day!

Inner cultivation

We don’t yet know how long our lives will be impacted by coronavirus. Because for now it is an unavoidable part of our lives, the world around us might be starting to feel a little bit crazy.

But there is another world, an inner world, where we can find peace. So let’s be sure to take time for inner cultivation and to explore the many benefits yoga has to offer.


Although practicing social distancing is good, don’t let it get in the way of your getting enough exercise. Depending on where you live, exercising outdoors where there are not many people around, like going for a hike or a bike ride, might be good options for you.

And of course, yoga asanas are an excellent exercise, and are something you can practice anytime on your own. So don’t just hide indoors. Get out and get some sun and vitamin D. It will boost your mood and your immune system!


Rather than being sad about what you can’t do right now, take the time to appreciate all the things you took for granted just a month ago.