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Beyond Time & Space

About Beyond Time & Space

Beyond Time & Space brings ancient yoga wisdom to life in an immersive journey that is heart touching, deeply meditative, and highly entertaining. The gorgeous scenes not only span centuries but also traverse landscapes that are literally out of this world.

Rich with spiritual depth, inspiration, and wisdom, Beyond Time & Space fuses captivating music, lyrics, and cinematography in a way that only Wai Lana can. Join her on an unforgettable odyssey—from the pyramids of Egypt to modern city streets, from a planet covered in red molten lava to a boat tossed and turned by the tumultuous sea, from a heavenly pink flower forest to magnificent ancient China. Wherever Wai Lana’s search takes her, the longing and emotion in her lyrics and voice are as mesmerizing as the stunning visuals.

Picture of Wai Lana

An Interview with Wai Lana about “Beyond Time & Space”

Question: There’s obviously a lot of work that goes into releasing your music videos for Yoga Day. What motivates you to keep producing them year after year?

Wai Lana: Having personally benefited so much from yoga, I’m always looking for creative ways to introduce others to this invaluable gift. Over the years, I’ve felt very fortunate to be able to share yoga with people around the world with my Wai Lana Yoga TV series. Beyond just offering physical benefits, I include meditation at the end of my shows to help people also experience yoga’s mental and spiritual benefits. That’s why I’m also working on my new Wai Lana Insights series. So, ever since International Yoga Day was inaugurated five years ago, I’ve taken the opportunity each year to release a new music video inspired by the wisdom of yoga. As with previous releases, Beyond Time & Space is infused with a very profound message that I hope will help people in their lives.

Question: Aside from the story in the video, what’s the main message you’re trying to get across?

Wai Lana: First, I want people to know that yoga is for everyone. Yoga transcends age, gender, race, culture, and religion. And the wonderful thing is, you don’t even need to practice yoga asanas (exercise) to attain the highest goal of yoga. Nor do you need to be a philosopher, intellectual, or even a high school graduate to apply the wisdom of yoga to your life and to experience the countless benefits of yoga meditation.

The other message I’m trying to share is that every single one of us can cultivate and achieve true happiness because the source of real happiness is within us. My hope is that by sharing this message through music, more and more people will come to experience this happiness for themselves.

I also want to encourage people not to get too distracted by trying to perfect the physical aspects of yoga. While it’s certainly good to try to keep our bodies healthy, that’s not the end in itself. After all, even the most flexible yogi isn’t necessarily happy within.

And the wonderful thing is, you don’t even need to practice yoga asanas (exercise) to attain the highest goal of yoga.

Wai Lana

Question: What advice do you have for someone wanting to explore the path of yoga?

Wai Lana: This human form of life is very precious. We have the unique opportunity to question, “What is the purpose of my life?” and, “Why am I not happy?” When we start asking these kinds of questions, it means we’re ready to seek out real, lasting happiness. Through the process of yoga, we can discover answers to whatever problems, questions, or challenges we may have in life.

So, when we begin to hear about the deep and lasting happiness that yoga offers, our desire to taste this happiness increases more and more. It’s like we’ve been living underground and have never seen a sunrise. But when we hear about the beauty of the sunrise, we become convinced of it’s reality and become motivated to see it for ourselves.

In this way, once you’ve been introduced to the path of yoga, it’s like you’ve found a trailhead to a beautiful vista. The yoga scriptures are like a map that help us navigate our journey. And with the expert guidance of a qualified teacher, our success in reaching our destination is assured. Like on any journey, there may be detours and distractions along the way.But gradually, as we learn and gain personal experience, wisdom illuminates our path, and we see more clearly how to realize the happiness we’ve been seeking for so many lifetimes.

Question: What is your favorite part of Beyond Time & Space?

Wai Lana: Like a piece of art that comes together perfectly, it’s hard to pick which part of Beyond Time & Space I like the most. From the little birds that fly across the mountain tops in ancient China, to the erupting fountains of lava, to the dust storms in the Egyptian desert, to the adventurous boat ride on the stormy sea, to the heavenly pink flower forest, what to speak of the captivating sound tracks, I love everything about this video.

Question: Are you planning a video for next year?

Wai Lana: I’ve just released this new music video, so I’m not making any plans yet. However, I’m currently recording a very special song with beautiful lyrics and a nice melody. Now that I think about it, it could make for a very sweet and interesting video. So far, Beyond Time & Space has been my favorite song, but I love this new song just as much. I can’t wait to share it.