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Achieving Harmony Through Sense Control

Yogis compare the physical body to a home that we are living in. Just as the parents must be the masters of the house for there to be harmony in the home, for us to be happy in the home of the body, we must learn to master the mind, senses, and organs of action.

Self-realized yoga masters compare the senses to undisciplined children who are constantly demanding this and that from their parents. What I’m sure you have noticed is that they are never satisfied. In fact, if a foolish parent constantly gives in to the demands of such a child, the more demanding and unsatisfied the child becomes! This can go on and on until all parties involved are miserable and there is no harmony in the house.

It is the parents’ job to take control from the position of knowledge and love. Wise parents will certainly give their children everything they need, but not necessarily everything they want. As the children learn their boundaries, there is greater harmony in the home.

Similarly, for us to have harmony within the home of our body, we must learn to control our mind and child-like senses, which are constantly demanding this and that. We have to be like the wise parent, carefully choosing what is best for us—instead of trying to satisfy every demand. Otherwise, if we simply blindly follow the incessant desires of the mind and senses, we’ll be just as miserable as a parent who is constantly catering to the endless demands of their child. We'll never have true peace or happiness.