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Prevent Pain and Care For Your Lower Back

If you’ve ever struggled with a sore back, you’re not alone. Did you know that back pain is the number one reason people have to stay home from work? In the US, it’s the second most common reason people visit the doctor, the second most common cause of disability and, at some point in life, almost 80% of the population go through a bout of lower back pain.

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I have been practicing Wai Lana Yoga every single day since February 13, 2014. I practice at least an hour, oftentimes more just because it feels so good. I start my day out with Wai Lana, and go to work feeling really good. Depending on my day, I very well may come home and do some more Wai Lana, and then I’ll feel wonderful again. So it’s every single solitary day, unless there’s extenuating circumstances. That’s how I begin my day.


By the regular practice of yoga meditation, you can greatly reduce tension and stress and overcome anxiety, worry, and other disturbances of the mind.

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