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Tips for Healthy Living

3 Essential Tips for Staying Healthy

Just like a New Year’s resolution, we often start an exercise plan or healthy diet on a high note. Feeling excited to finally lose some weight, get toned, or cut out the junk food once and for all, we set lofty goals for ourselves.

Maybe we download a new online fitness program or splurge and get that gym membership that will inspire us to work out. We finish off that ice cream that’s beckoning from the freezer, promising not to buy more. Then we get to work.

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I’ve been a nurse for eighteen years and I initially injured my back by lifting a patient and twisting. I was incapacitated physically for a couple of weeks. So when I felt better I went to the neurologist who was also an acupuncturist and he recommended doing yoga. So that’s how I began the Wai Lana DVDs and since then I’ve never had that problem again, which is amazing to me. Yoga definitely is a very good preventative measure. It keeps you flexible. It keeps you strong and keeps you calm and relaxed.


By the regular practice of yoga meditation, you can greatly reduce tension and stress and overcome anxiety, worry, and other disturbances of the mind.

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