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Tips for Healthy Living

Spa Cuisine at Home—Treat Yourself

If you’re wondering where the term “spa cuisine” comes from, you may have already guessed—it comes from the spa experience. Imagine you’ve spent a luxurious day relaxing in mud baths and hot springs and getting a massage. You would naturally work up a hunger. So spas and retreat centers often have restaurants or cafes that offer healthy, detoxifying foods and drinks. Nourishing and delicious, they can even help you shed a few of those extra pounds.

Tension Buster: Getting Out in Nature

Have you ever been awe-stuck by the brilliance of a sunset, the freshness of mountain air, or the amazing way nature perfectly provides for all living creatures?

When was the last time you closed your eyes to savor the warmth of the sun on your face, or walked through dew-covered grass in the misty morning hours while the rest of the world slept?

Haven’t we all felt, even for a moment, uplifted, inspired, rejuvenated, or elated by mother nature’s magic touch?

Nature supports us and helps us feel less distracted and more at peace

Managing Neck and Shoulder Tension – Self-Massage Tips

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”. The weight we carry may not be quite that heavy, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

Why do we feel like that?
Physical or emotional stress comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it creeps in little by little and then peaks, and at other times it can hit you over the head like a ton of bricks, or at least feel like it!

Eating to Honor Mother Earth

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Each day we walk her paths, drink her waters, cool off in her shade and are warmed by the heat she retains from the sun. We depend on her for shelter and are blessed by her patient, forgiving ways. She nurtures us, cares for us, and provides for us. She is our Mother Earth.

Recognizing the role she plays in keeping us healthy and alive is essential. Without a healthy planet none of us can thrive.

At the heart of yoga lies a deep respect for all living beings, including Mother Earth.

Curb Your Sweet Tooth

If you love sugary sweets you’re not alone. Sugar is one of those tempting foods that most of us adore—especially children! Sweet, satisfying, and delicious, processed white sugar is a treat, but with all its ups, it also comes with plenty of downs—especially since it can weaken our body’s immune systems.

As with anything, the less you have, the less you crave. So it is with processed sugar. The less you eat, the less you want. If you want to cut down or help your child cut down on sugar, here are a few good alternatives.

The Benefits of Ghee

You will often find a jar of ghee sitting on my kitchen countertop ready for cooking and garnishing. Its golden goodness is something I treasure.

What is ghee?
Sometimes called ‘clarified butter’, ghee is butter that has been purified. Butter is cooked until the milk solids turn brown and stick to the bottom of the pan. After straining, you are left with a delicious pure butter fat that can be stored at room temperature.

4 Ways to Feel Rested

Think back recently to a day when you felt well-rested. Things probably flowed easily and you felt pretty good, didn’t you?

Now think back to the last time you were over-tired. Maybe you felt more impatient than normal, or foggy, or withdrawn. Were you dragging yourself around the whole day?

There’s no doubt that feeling relaxed makes everything easier. That’s why it’s important to take rest, not just once in a while, but on a regular basis.

Are You Breathing Right?

Everybody has them. Those little moments throughout the day when we hold our breath or forget to breathe. Maybe it’s only for a second or two and is so subtle we don’t even notice.

It usually happens when we’re focused on doing something important, like changing lanes on the freeway, remembering a critical detail, lifting a heavy weight, and that kind of thing.