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The Secret To Aging Gracefully

When the topic of old age arises, people often imagine someone using a walker, being in a wheelchair, or having to take a lot of pills. While in some cases that may be true, does old age really equate to ill health? For a yogi, the secret to aging gracefully is not a mystery. It is a by-product of living healthfully.

A yoga lifestyle encourages vitality and a positive youthful glow. With the understanding that the body is like a temple, we naturally treat our bodies with more respect and care.

One way is through diet. As a rule, a yogi eats neither too little nor too much, and sticks to a natural fresh diet of whole foods. Each body is unique and we all have different tastes, but generally a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, plant-based proteins, and a moderate amount dairy products will help sustain and prolong our energy.

Exercise is also essential. These days, sitting at the computer for long periods has become normal, and having an active lifestyle is rare. Flipping that around is the key to feeling good and preventing disease. If we do have a desk job, then finding ways to increase our activity throughout the day is important. Whatever exercise we choose, yoga, swimming, walking, bicycling, martial arts (there are too many options to list them all), we should practice them regularly.

Although a yoga lifestyle is an active lifestyle, it’s also important to relax! It’s been scientifically shown that stress and emotional distress can speed up cellular aging. A yogi understands that it is essential to rest the mind regularly. Relaxing the mind and the body is a wonderful way to let go of anxiety and build inner strength. Yoga Nidra is an easy and effective way to achieve this deep rest.

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