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Don't Shower Just to Get Clean

The first thing a yogi does in the morning is take a cold shower—not just to get clean on the outside, but to energize the inner body as well.

A cold shower lasting one or two minutes will jolt you out of your lethargic, sleepy state and leave you feeling alive, refreshed, and wide awake. You’ll be ready to start the day with a clear, focused mind and plenty of energy, whether you’re heading off to work or to your yoga mat.

If you’re trying to lose weight, cold showers can be an effective weapon in your battle of the bulge. An early morning cold shower jump-starts your day by boosting your metabolism; it gets you moving.

You may be cringing at the thought of standing under the cold spray, but it’s actually quite a pleasurable experience—especially once you've dried off. In fact, less than a minute after your cold shower, you’ll begin to feel its effects. Your body will be warm from the increased circulation and you’ll feel alert and energetic. Somehow, your skin feels softer and more alive. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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