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Lift Your Mood Naturally

Feeling sad, upset, angry, or defeated isn’t our normal condition, but it does happen and can be disheartening. How we handle our emotions, therefore, is important. One thing that can play a huge role in how we cope is our lifestyle choices. They can either make a bad day better or worse. A yoga lifestyle helps us to nourish our bodies and minds, so we are able to feel more supported, relaxed, and joyful.

The benefits of eating well

Eating a plant-based yoga diet full of whole, natural foods gives us physical strength and mental clarity. For example, the sustained good energy we get from a snack like an avocado salad drizzled with a protein-rich dressing, far outweighs the quick-fix that a bag of chips or a donut delivers. Choosing foods that really support your health is an investment in feeling good. Almonds are rich in protein and calcium, and are grounding in nature. Here is a tasty salad dressing for you to try:

Yoga asanas relieve stress

Never before have there been so many scientific studies affirming the benefits of yoga asanas for mental health. Doctors often encourage their patients to practice yoga exercises because the study findings are consistently positive. One study, published in 2013 in the Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, reported that women with depressive symptoms, who were prone to dwell on negative past experiences, felt relief by practicing gentle hatha yoga exercises. Their feelings of connectedness increased, and they considered yoga exercises a helpful coping tool. These types of findings are not uncommon and we can experience the benefits ourselves. The next time you feel angry, upset, anxious, or blue, try rolling out your mat and see where it takes you. Likely, the bending, gentle twisting, and breathing will bring you relief. Enjoy your practice.