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Tips for Healthy Living

How to Pamper Your Tired Feet

If you think about it, your feet put up with a lot. They help you walk, run, skip, and dance your way through the day. When you get home, they help you stand and cook dinner—even when you don’t feel like it. When the day is done, they even haul you upstairs to bed.

Show your feet some well-earned TLC, in the form of a foot soak and rub. Not only your feet—but your entire body will benefit.

Did you know …

The Secret To Aging Gracefully

When the topic of old age arises, people often imagine someone using a walker, being in a wheelchair, or having to take a lot of pills. While in some cases that may be true, does old age really equate to ill health? For a yogi, the secret to aging gracefully is not a mystery. It is a by-product of living healthfully.

A yoga lifestyle encourages vitality and a positive youthful glow. With the understanding that the body is like a temple, we naturally treat our bodies with more respect and care.

Is Your Cell Phone Hurting You?

Our bodies thrive when they are well-nourished, when we feel rested, and when we are living in harmony with nature.  When those natural rhythms are disrupted over the long-term, our bodies natural immunity suffers and we are more susceptible to sickness and disease.

One kind of stress that threatens us more and more comes from the electronic devices we use regularly, such as cell phones, smart phones, cordless phones, laptop and desktop computers, tablets, and similar devices.

5 Quick Ways to Energize

You’re mid-way through the day and you’re starting to lose steam. You still need to push through, but you feel like packing it in.

Instead of reaching for caffeine or a sugary snack—which we all know can be a trap—energize with these simple yet healthful habits.

Warm Up with Caffeine-Free Hot Drinks

When it’s chilly outside, a hot drink is a delicious way to warm up. Although caffeinated teas and coffee are popular, in the long run they aren’t very healthy. Regularly drinking caffeinated drinks can dehydrate you, disrupt your sleep, increase your tension, disrupt your hormones, and be addictive.

Instead of reaching for drinks that throw you off balance, here are a few that will bring you more into balance.

Essential Rest: Nature’s Elixir

We all know what it feels like to be over-tired. That spacey “I just can’t stay awake and my patience is wearing thin” feeling. Or those glassy-eyed “I must be coming down with something” or “I just don’t have the energy” feelings.

Without proper rest, our bodies can’t thrive. Our brains don’t have the energy to cope with difficult decisions or complicated projects. Our sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, putting stress upon our hearts. Our immune system takes a punch and we’re often left feeling anxious or negative.

7 Tips on Drinking Water for Optimum Health

Water is truly nature’s health-giving gift. Staying hydrated with pure, clean water not only quenches our thirst, but promotes vitality from the inside out. It beautifies skin by eliminating toxins, lubricates joints, and keeps our brain neurons active and firing. It also plays a key role in regulating metabolism, promoting elimination, and boosting energy.

It’s important to drink plenty of water, so here are a few tips for optimum health:

Feeling Overwhelmed? Tips for Smoother Sailing

Have you ever noticed how sometimes an insignificant mishap can feel monumental? You spill a drink or miss an exit, and suddenly you are swept up into a flood of emotion?

Feeling overwhelmed is never fun. Physically, it is depleting. Mentally, it is consuming. When it comes to relationships, it can wreak havoc. It can leave us feeling out of control, scared, angry, sad, “frozen”, or lost.

Recognizing how out-of-balance our lives can be is actually a good thing. It helps motivate us to seek balance. A yoga lifestyle offers us natural solutions.

Sharpen Your Mind

Most of us experience small memory lapses from time to time - names, dates, phone numbers, and all kinds of familiar information are suddenly forgotten. It can be frustrating at times.

Maybe you were planning to pick up groceries on the way home and remembered when you pulled into your driveway. Or you are introduced to a new colleague at a business meeting and moments later you can’t remember his name. Do these kinds of things ever happen to you?


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