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Tips for Healthy Living

Essential Rest: Nature’s Elixir

We all know what it feels like to be over-tired. That spacey “I just can’t stay awake and my patience is wearing thin” feeling. Or those glassy-eyed “I must be coming down with something” or “I just don’t have the energy” feelings.

Without proper rest, our bodies can’t thrive. Our brains don’t have the energy to cope with difficult decisions or complicated projects. Our sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, putting stress upon our hearts. Our immune system takes a punch and we’re often left feeling anxious or negative.

7 Tips on Drinking Water for Optimum Health

Water is truly nature’s health-giving gift. Staying hydrated with pure, clean water not only quenches our thirst, but promotes vitality from the inside out. It beautifies skin by eliminating toxins, lubricates joints, and keeps our brain neurons active and firing. It also plays a key role in regulating metabolism, promoting elimination, and boosting energy.

It’s important to drink plenty of water, so here are a few tips for optimum health:

Feeling Overwhelmed? Tips for Smoother Sailing

Have you ever noticed how sometimes an insignificant mishap can feel monumental? You spill a drink or miss an exit, and suddenly you are swept up into a flood of emotion?

Feeling overwhelmed is never fun. Physically, it is depleting. Mentally, it is consuming. When it comes to relationships, it can wreak havoc. It can leave us feeling out of control, scared, angry, sad, “frozen”, or lost.

Recognizing how out-of-balance our lives can be is actually a good thing. It helps motivate us to seek balance. A yoga lifestyle offers us natural solutions.

Sharpen Your Mind

Most of us experience small memory lapses from time to time - names, dates, phone numbers, and all kinds of familiar information are suddenly forgotten. It can be frustrating at times.

Maybe you were planning to pick up groceries on the way home and remembered when you pulled into your driveway. Or you are introduced to a new colleague at a business meeting and moments later you can’t remember his name. Do these kinds of things ever happen to you?

To-Do List Tips

It’s funny how a little piece of paper with a few notes scribbled on it can make a big difference to a day. Most people find they feel more focused and less stressed when they have a to-do list. Whether you write yours down, keep it in your phone, or on your computer, here are a few ways to make your to-do list work well for you.

1. Aim For the Night Before
Give yourself 10 minutes or so in the evening to plan for the next day. Waking up with a little blue print of your day will help you feel more clear-headed.

Care for Your Ears Naturally

Hearing plays an important role in how we relate to the world. Think of all the different sounds we might hear in a day. A persistent alarm clock, the sound of children laughing, or heavy rainfall—all of these sounds communicate something to us. What about a song that lifts our spirits, a helpful conversation we recently had, or the time we heard someone crying for help? Our sense of hearing has the potential to profoundly connect us to others and to the outside world.

Lift Your Mood Naturally

Feeling sad, upset, angry, or defeated isn’t our normal condition, but it does happen and can be disheartening. How we handle our emotions, therefore, is important. One thing that can play a huge role in how we cope is our lifestyle choices. They can either make a bad day better or worse. A yoga lifestyle helps us to nourish our bodies and minds, so we are able to feel more supported, relaxed, and joyful.

The benefits of eating well

A Healthy Morning Routine

Each morning, before the sun rises, the air feels fresh. The world is calm and our minds are rested. How we spend this special time of day sets the tone for the rest of our day. Aligning our morning routine with nature brings balance and harmony to our lives. This is one principle of Ayurvedic medicine.

Try adding the following practices to your morning routine, one at a time, at a pace that is helpful to you. You will naturally have your own priorities and time availability. See what works for you. Over time you can build your own healthy and happy morning routine.

Finding Time in Nature

Imagine that you are sitting by a quiet lake, surrounded by fragrant pine trees; the air is fresh and cool. The grass spreads beneath your feet like a soft green blanket as the sun gently warms your face. Now close your eyes for a moment and take this image within.

As you open your eyes do you feel any different? Sometimes just focusing our minds upon a natural setting can help us feel more calm, what to speak of first-hand experience.

How Can I Be More Productive?

Have you ever said at the end of the day “Where did the day go?” Maybe you were busy all day long, but still didn’t have the time or energy to get everything done.

Every day presents its own set of challenges, but with a game-plan and a little effort, that nagging feeling at the end of the day can be replaced with a genuine sense of accomplishment. Here are a few ideas to help you succeed.

Exercise Regularly


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