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Tips for Healthy Living

Care for Your Ears Naturally

Hearing plays an important role in how we relate to the world. Think of all the different sounds we might hear in a day. A persistent alarm clock, the sound of children laughing, or heavy rainfall—all of these sounds communicate something to us. What about a song that lifts our spirits, a helpful conversation we recently had, or the time we heard someone crying for help? Our sense of hearing has the potential to profoundly connect us to others and to the outside world.

Lift Your Mood Naturally

Feeling sad, upset, angry, or defeated isn’t our normal condition, but it does happen and can be disheartening. How we handle our emotions, therefore, is important. One thing that can play a huge role in how we cope is our lifestyle choices. They can either make a bad day better or worse. A yoga lifestyle helps us to nourish our bodies and minds, so we are able to feel more supported, relaxed, and joyful.

The benefits of eating well

A Healthy Morning Routine

Each morning, before the sun rises, the air feels fresh. The world is calm and our minds are rested. How we spend this special time of day sets the tone for the rest of our day. Aligning our morning routine with nature brings balance and harmony to our lives. This is one principle of Ayurvedic medicine.

Try adding the following practices to your morning routine, one at a time, at a pace that is helpful to you. You will naturally have your own priorities and time availability. See what works for you. Over time you can build your own healthy and happy morning routine.

Finding Time in Nature

Imagine that you are sitting by a quiet lake, surrounded by fragrant pine trees; the air is fresh and cool. The grass spreads beneath your feet like a soft green blanket as the sun gently warms your face. Now close your eyes for a moment and take this image within.

As you open your eyes do you feel any different? Sometimes just focusing our minds upon a natural setting can help us feel more calm, what to speak of first-hand experience.

How Can I Be More Productive?

Have you ever said at the end of the day “Where did the day go?” Maybe you were busy all day long, but still didn’t have the time or energy to get everything done.

Every day presents its own set of challenges, but with a game-plan and a little effort, that nagging feeling at the end of the day can be replaced with a genuine sense of accomplishment. Here are a few ideas to help you succeed.

Exercise Regularly

A Breath of Fresh Air: Creating Healthy Indoor Air

Close your eyes and imagine walking into a clear, uncluttered room. Plants hang by an open window and a cool breeze trickles in. You feel energized, alert, and positive. Now imagine the same room, but this time it feels stuffy. An overpowering mix of pet odor, rotten food, cigarette smoke, or paint fumes greet you. Suddenly you feel tired, overwhelmed, grumpy perhaps, and maybe even a little queasy.

The Hidden Life of Cows

Perhaps as a kid you remember looking out of your window on car trips and seeing grassy fields dotted with cows. Maybe you even opened the window to shout “moo” as you drove by. Maybe you still do!

Cows are peaceful, docile creatures who crave love and affection, just like us. In fact, if you approach a cow, she might stop grazing for a moment and look right at you with her wide, doe-like eyes. She might even come over to greet you. If you’re really lucky, she could offer her soft furry head for you to pet. Cows also have sharp memories, so never cross a cow or bull!

Spring Cleaning – Keeping it Healthy and Natural

That cleaning product under your sink may be great on grease but is it good for your health? Using it once or twice might not pose a serious risk to you but did you know that repeated exposure to chemicals in cleaning products can lead to toxic build up? From anti-bacterial dish soap to bathroom disinfectants, many of the chemicals found in everyday cleaning products are already known or suspected to have links to cancer, hormone imbalance, asthma, autism, and ADHD. And the list goes on!