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10 Minute Meditation Experience

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Yoga Sound Meditation

Anyone can practice this easy-to-learn method of meditation.

Gems of Wisdom

These insightful quotes will help you contemplate the deeper meaning of life.

Visual Meditation

Meditate on the beauty of nature while listening to inspirational Yoga Sound.

Easy Meditation App Free

Everyone needs refuge from the stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, emptiness, and other aspects of life that can overwhelm us.

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Yoga Sound Meditation™ is a system of inner cultivation that has been passed down from yoga meditation masters to their disciples since time immemorial. And it is just as relevant and useful for us today, with our stressful lives and busy schedules. This wonderful practice not only helps us reduce our stress, but more importantly, it frees us from our deepest anxiety and fears, allowing us to realize a deep inner peace and spiritual happiness that we all long for.

Yoga Sound Meditation is so easy that anyone and everyone can practice it. The only way to fully appreciate its wonderful benefits is to practice it. Both of these meditations are combined with breathing and will leave you feeling calm, centered, and alert:

Yoga Sound Meditation

Lie down and rest your body, heart, and mind, in the Yoga Sound:

Ujjayi Pranayama and Yoga Sound Meditation with Breathing  – First practice Ujjayi Pranayama, (simple throat breathing) with Wai Lana, then add Yoga Sound to the rhythm of your breath for an uplifting experience.

Visual Meditation – Refresh and calm your mind as you meditate on the beauty of nature while listening to inspirational Yoga Sound.