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Brownie Shake

My 6’2” son is about as comfortable in the kitchen as I would be in one of his martial arts tournaments. But give him a blender and a recipe like this one and he’s the picture of self-sufficiency. 

Hibiscus Cherry Berry Cooler

My daughter bought a hibiscus cooler from a coffee shop a few summers back and after sneaking a sip I was hooked! I knew I could make this refreshing brew at home, so the next time I was at the store I picked up a box of hibiscus tea and the rest is history. Now my daughter stops by my place whenever she wants a refreshing pick me up.

I like to make a big jug of this and have it in the fridge for a few days. It’s perfect in the middle of the day or after your morning yoga exercise has got you sweating. You can adjust the flavors as you like, more tea bags, less sugar, more frozen berries, etc. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these summer coolers. They lend themselves well to improvisation. 

Lychee & Rose White Tea Cooler

Summer has arrived in all its sunny glory and if your family is anything like mine, everyone is looking for a refreshing drink to relieve the heat of the day.

This cooler is an absolute favorite with my grandchildren because they get a few lychees to munch on once they have finished the drink.

If you can get fresh lychees for this recipe, go for it! Otherwise you can buy canned lychees in light syrup from almost any grocery store. Just look in the Asian section.  I have always been able to find rose water at the health food store, but if yours doesn’t have it, an Indian store will certainly stock it. 

Caribbean Dream

With a boost of vitamin C, enzymes, and protein, this recipe supports your immune and digestive systems. It also replenishes vital fluids and helps soothe sore throats, fevers, and arthritis.


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