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Inspirational Stories

Over the years, many people who have been introduced to yoga by Wai Lana, or who have been inspired by her in their yoga practice, have written with questions or gracious expressions of gratitude.

I’d just come home and do yoga for like 6 hours straight

When I was younger, I would come home and do Wai Lana Yoga with leis and hula skirts. It was fun for me as a child because it made me feel like I was actually being productive. It was very calming because I did gymnastics and ballet and tap. But everyone did ballet and tap and gymnastics. I’d just come home and do yoga for like 6 hours straight. It would be on repeat.

Hana (age 15)

I’m 92 years old and I watch Wai Lana Yoga every day

I’m 92 years old and I watch Wai Lana Yoga every day. I do all the poses that I am able to do at my age. I appreciate Wai Lana so much, I just love her. I think everyone should do yoga to stay healthy mentally and physically.

Jo from Orlando

My back has straightened

I found Wai Lana on my local PBS station last week. I just love her! After doing yoga with her one time my back has straightened.

Carrie from Mobile Alabama

Doing yoga with Wai Lana helps me feel better in many ways

Doing yoga with Wai Lana helps me feel better in many ways. Certainly you feel it physically but the physical well-being also transmits into your emotions. I can keep myself focused. It also helps me just feel good. I feel like I have a great outlook and attitude.


Wai Lana explains how to use the breath

Wai Lana explains how to use the breath to get into each pose, and then she explains how to control your breath to maintain the pose. So you’re really working on your breath, and by the end of each session, you’re breathing as deep and as slow as possible, and that helps with singing, and it helps with centering yourself in general.


It’s wonderful, it really, really is

Wai Lana Yoga is something that I always look forward to. It starts my day off just right. It could be raining outside, but when I’m in front of the programming, I see beautiful scenery, I see a relaxed, kind, gentle person, who truly cares about what I’m about, who helps me through the day, and it’s such a big part of my life now. It’s wonderful, it really, really is.


The tension of the day really had been dissipated.

Like many artists I have a day job. It’s a great place. But there’s tension. Going to work, there’s the tension on the ferry and on the subway. I came home recently with a normal amount of New York aggravation and I did a couple of Salute to the Sun poses and, after I was finished, my mind tried to go back to the aggravation, but I couldn’t. I realized if I was going to be aggravated, I was going to have to work to get back to that place which of course I didn’t do. It was just amazing that something could have that much impact on my emotional state and detach me from the day-to-day stresses. As an artist, I found that extremely useful. I went down to the studio and had a decent session that day… it was hassle-free. The tension of the day really had been dissipated. I was impressed with the power of something like Salute to the Sun actually creating a sustainable mind state that was able to completely disengage me from the difficulties and hassles of the day.


Yoga definitely is a very good preventative measure

I’ve been a nurse for eighteen years and I initially injured my back by lifting a patient and twisting. I was incapacitated physically for a couple of weeks. So when I felt better I went to the neurologist who was also an acupuncturist and he recommended doing yoga. So that’s how I began the Wai Lana DVDs and since then I’ve never had that problem again, which is amazing to me. Yoga definitely is a very good preventative measure. It keeps you flexible. It keeps you strong and keeps you calm and relaxed.


I just really love how it makes my body feel

I really love her style. I love how she really works the spine, the inverted poses... And the hip opening. All the stretches that she does. I just really love how it makes my body feel.


Wai Lana Yoga on PBS are Simply Amazing

I found about the Wai Lana PBS Yoga shows from one of my friends who was always saying nice things about Wai Lana. Since then, I have been regularly watching Wai Lana Yoga PBS shows and love her unique way of teaching yoga.

The beautiful natural background is very soothing to the mind. I would like to share one experience about Ujjayi Pranayama Breathing Technique taught by Wai Lana. Ujjayi pranayama really helped me to reduce tension and anxieties. I always get a calming and heart touching experience practicing this technique followed by yoga sound meditation.

Thank You Wai Lana for sharing this wonderful practice of yoga.

Liza, Texas

Doing the Wai Lana DVDs has helped me with my diet

Doing the Wai Lana DVDs has helped me with my diet. It makes you feel really healthy – and that makes you improve your diet just naturally. If you do the DVDs on a regular basis you naturally get more in shape and that encourages you to eat better, and you feel more balanced throughout the day. And you’re motivated to keep that balance.

Liza Kingsley

Wai Lana Yoga on PBS became my favorite show

While surfing through TV Channels I came across the Wai Lana PBS Yoga show. I started watching her during the commercial breaks of my favorite shows, but gradually this became my favorite show.  It’s very inspiring to learn tips and insights on yoga lifestyle from her.  

I shared her show with my family, who have now also become big fans. We all get together to watch and practice along with Wai Lana Yoga on PBS.

One of my favorite poses by Wai Lana is Salute to the Sun as it helps to warm up and energizes the entire body. This really kick starts my morning and gets me ready for the day ahead.

Thank You Wai Lana. Love You!!

Janet, Colorado

Helped me to be more coordinated

I started doing Wai Lana Yoga when I had a small stroke last April in order to improve my balance, because after the stroke, my balance was all messed up. And so that’s helped me to be more coordinated.


Wai Lana Yoga on PBS is very convenient & highly beneficial

I have realized that Yoga is essential for the wellbeing of both my body and mind. But for me, going out somewhere to practice yoga is very inconvenient. Wai Lana Yoga on PBS has made it possible for me to learn and practice Yoga from one of the best yoga teachers in the world, right from the comfort of my home.

Watching and practicing with her even for 10-15 minutes in the morning leaves me with an energetic body and peaceful mind. I love her full body workout which helps me to invigorate my body and refresh my mind. This workout helps to exercise almost all the body parts along with strengthening and toning them.

Looking forward to the next show ☺

Susanne, Dallas

Since I’ve been doing Wai Lana Yoga, my diet has changed

Since I’ve been doing Wai Lana Yoga, my diet has changed. I’m more conscious of what I put into my body, I’m making green smoothies on a regular basis… I can’t eat the things I used to eat now that I am more conscious of my body and how I’m feeling, and it’s a wonderful change. It’s a nice transition. I welcome it.


love your yoga work

i love your yoga work nice show and god bless you Wai Lana hive a nice day
and night i see your show come on KET yeah thanks keep the good work.

Evan miller

Doing yoga with Wai Lana helps me to prevent injuries

Doing yoga with Wai Lana helps me to prevent injuries in the knee area when I run. I’m also a massage therapist, so it helps me to release tension in the areas of the wrist as well as the fingers.

Patricia Diggs

I just love the music

I’m intrigued by Wai Lana. I just love the music and the background of her yoga shows. It is so lovely when she sings with the kids in her kids videos.

Jan Elliot

I would like to thank you so much for what you do

Hello Wai Lana!

I would just like to share my story with you and extend my deepest gratitude for what you do.

Fifteen years ago I had lost my way. I was struggling with depression and anxiety from past occurrences. I found solace in alcohol and made the bitter and self destructive journey into the darkness that is addiction.

My story isn't unusual unfortunately. I had just given up.

I was working in Yellowstone National Park and dear friend sent me a care package that included a VHS tape of Wai Lana Yoga. I remembered seeing you on PBS. Well, years went by and I slipped further from reality. I had tried using the tape from time to time. And although I wasn't really in the mind set, it always made me smile.

Flash forward to not that long ago. For reasons that are not relevant I had come to a crossing. Either stop drinking or evaporate into nothing. So I started the long journey into sobriety. And I popped that tape in every morning.

What struck me was the warmth and genuineness that exuded from your practice. I really felt a calm and balance. My body slowly got stronger and with it, my mind did as well. I started ordering DVD sets from Amazon and eagerly awaited their delivery. I even ordered your mediation DVD and that has become part of my daily practice. (My favorite is the Kirtan meditation.)

So I would like to thank you so much for what you do. It has been such an important part of my recovery. It's very apparent the whole goal of what you do is to improve quality of life and with it the world around you, if even just microcosmically.

I am happy to say I am 7 months sober as of writing this.

Yours truly

A life you have helped change

Travis Fox

Wai Lana provides an escape from my illnesses for a little while

I have MS and watch Wai Lana every day on TV. I can't do most of the things that she does but I do what I can such as the hand and neck exercises. Even though I am not able to do most of the exercises, I find it calming watching the rest of the show. The last 4 or 5 minutes at the end is so relaxing and soothing with her music, it calms me down and feels good. When someone has a lot of physical ailments or illnesses it is easy to get lost in these illnesses and have them take over. Wai Lana provides an escape from my illnesses for a little while. I'm looking forward to getting my Yoga Nidra cd and Meditation Trilogy so I can listen to Wai Lana in bed when I go to sleep at night to help calm me down and relax. I'm also looking forward to receiving Wai Lana's meditation kit!

Sandra B

Having a Great Time Watching Wai Lana Yoga on PBS

Practicing yoga with Wai Lana is quite easy and enjoyable as she teaches in a comfortable style with a soothing voice. Wai Lana explains all the benefits of the yoga poses she does, which makes it a good learning experience.

The scenic beauty in her shows takes me to a world of serenity.

One of my favorite poses is the humming bird pose which is easy yet very effective. It helps me massage my upper back muscles and release tension in my shoulders, thus giving me much needed relief. I work long hours on the computer, so this pose really helps me to unwind.

Thank you very much Wai Lana for your enlivening PBS Yoga Shows, and I highly recommend them to others.

Kimmy, New York

I just feel so much better.

I really wouldn’t like to imagine going through life without doing Wai Lana Yoga.  Yes, it does take discipline and yes, it does take setting aside a part of time to do that, but the benefits that I get back – I just feel so much better.

Terri O’Halloran

I keep up with people that are much younger than me

I have found practicing yoga with Wai Lana that I have a better sense of balance and more strength… my flexibility has improved. I walk a lot, two miles nearly every day, and at a good pace, I keep up with people that are much younger than me, and I feel that vitality—I’ve got  more vitality than the average person of my age.

Norma Wolf (age 86)

All I did was Wai Lana videos and I still felt the benefits

After I injured my foot from running, all I did was Wai Lana videos and I still felt the benefits. I didn’t miss running as much as I normally would. And the stances and things helped to stretch and strengthen my feet again.

Marie Foos


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