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I am able to relax just by hearing her voice

It is a honor to share my testimonial with you! I am a two time cancer survivor and with surgery and treatments, my anxiety/stress levels went off the chart. Of course I was prescribed zanex for the anxiety/panic attacks but it did not seem to be helping me in a positive or empowering way, and the longer I took the RX the more dizzy I became. I was even worried that the cancer had spread to my brain.

Since January,2011 I have faithfully did my yoga with Wai Lana 5 times a week and I have been able to wean myself away from the anxiety medicine and I am able to relax just by hearing her voice and music. We are organic farmers in Nebraska so I know about a healthy lifestyle. Keep up the great work Wai Lana!

Organically Yours,

Marcy J.

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