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I feel a sense of peace

Dear Wailana, I have had the pleasure of watching your program for about a year and a half. I came upon it accidentally, or maybe by fate when my dad became ill and i had to make early calls to him and my mom. Immediately your manner and voice were the soothing connection i needed. As I began following the program i felt better. In fact it was and is the only time i feel a sense of peace and ease from the stressors of life. Living in NYC alone can do that, but with family issues, so much more.

I had my mom also watch--at 84 she is good at doing some of the program too. Six months ago my dad passed away and my mom broke her hip. This program has saved me and i have written wnye telling them how vital the show is and what a resource it is. I have your tapes, just bought a mat so i feel even more of a connection. I am hoping that soon my mom can return to practicing. She does the breathing and arm stretches and it helps. For me, it is a way to find myself again. I hope i do but wanted you to know how you touch and help heal people. Bless you and thank you.

Gail S.

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