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I gain new experiences every time I do your yoga

I've started out for the first time in years to try to exercise to get in shape, all of the programs seem to want too much from you ( me, that is, of course).

We have Denise Austin, Jennifer Galardi: who are all good athletes and stuff, but none of their workouts seem as easy as yours. i've always wanted to be flexible and the other programs never seem to do that. then i saw on the TV guide channel Wai Lana Yoga, and i just started to watch it since then.

I gain new experiences every time i do your yoga. i watch it every day now, and i actually lost a few pounds by doing it. i've become one of your biggest fans or your biggest fan and thank you for sharing yoga with everyone, you really make it seem easy. i hope you write me back, it would really mean a lot to me.

Thank you!

"Cup" (Ramona J.)

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