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Thank you

Dear Wai Lana:  I found you on PBS here in Las Vegas, about September, 2010.    LOVE your program, and here is why:  I took vinyasa yoga a few years back, then got lazy, big mistake.  Then when I found you and started getting back into Yoga, I was very happy with how you conduct your session.  And by that I mean, your every move is accompanied with exact and detailed audio instruction to match the video and your movement through the poses.  Soooo important to someone re-connecting, AND for the beginner. I am 56 years young, still fairly flexible, and certainly aspire to become half as flexible as you are.  You are truly an inspiration, and a beautiful soul that the planet is so very fortunate to have.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  And I am happy to be your student.!

Gratitude, blessings, and love!


Dianna K.

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