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The tension of the day really had been dissipated.

Like many artists I have a day job. It’s a great place. But there’s tension. Going to work, there’s the tension on the ferry and on the subway. I came home recently with a normal amount of New York aggravation and I did a couple of Salute to the Sun poses and, after I was finished, my mind tried to go back to the aggravation, but I couldn’t. I realized if I was going to be aggravated, I was going to have to work to get back to that place which of course I didn’t do. It was just amazing that something could have that much impact on my emotional state and detach me from the day-to-day stresses. As an artist, I found that extremely useful. I went down to the studio and had a decent session that day… it was hassle-free. The tension of the day really had been dissipated. I was impressed with the power of something like Salute to the Sun actually creating a sustainable mind state that was able to completely disengage me from the difficulties and hassles of the day.