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Very grateful to Wai Lana

I am very grateful to Wai Lana for putting out all her yoga and meditation products. A number of years ago I was in a coma for 3 weeks, when I woke up I was not longer able to walk on my own. I then started watching Wai Lana every day on PBS and she motivated and inspired me to start walking again. Although I could not do the exercises I would stand with my walker and try to raise my legs as much as I could, eventually I was able to stand and balance on my own. I can now walk and even ride my bike. Thank you Wai Lana for inspiring me to keep moving and keep going.

I also do Wai Lana's Meditation cd's and people say they notice a difference in me. I have her Easy Meditation for Everyone, Yoga Nidra and her music cds. I feel calmer and happier. Life just gets better and better with Wai Lana.

A fan from Indiana