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World's Greatest Yoga Expert

Dear WaiLana,

In August '06 I found you by accident surfing the channels. Your Yoga has helped me enormously. I lost 31 lbs.and my sugar levels dropped. I feel energetic and excited with the remarkable results from doing Yoga with you, WaiLana.

You have a captivating voice, you are a great inspiration and your locations are enchanting!! I told my husband, Frank, my doctor Reuben and his assistants to watch your Yoga program, and everyone will benefit from your healthy Yoga lifestyle.

Thank you, WaiLana, you are beyond compare, and God Bless you. I hope to meet you some day. I'm telling everyone to watch WaiLana and do Yoga with you to improve their health. WaiLana is the World's Greatest Yoga Expert!!


Loretta S.