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Inspirational Stories

Over the years, many people who have been introduced to yoga by Wai Lana, or who have been inspired by her in their yoga practice, have written with questions or gracious expressions of gratitude.

I discovered Wai Lana on tv

I’ve always had an interest in yoga but never pursued it. I've seen many yoga dvds but it wasn’t until  I discovered Wai Lana on tv while I was travelling that she really made everything make sense. She really moved me from just thinking about doing yoga to taking action and doing yoga.

Bob T.

Happy Senior Yogi

I'm 83 years old and I've been practicing Wai Lana Yoga for 20 years. I use her tapes every morning, they really help. 

When I was in the hospital 12 years ago for a knee replacement I brought my Wai Lana tapes with me.  i did all of the sitting up exercises I could. People kept coming in the room to see what I was doing because they loved the music on the tapes so much.

Happy Senior Yogi

I watch you every day

Hola wai lana ..I watch you every day at 5:00-6:00 am Oklahoma time ......I love yoga!! Just wanted to say hola from Rose Moreno!

Rico C.

I feel amazing after practicing Wai Lana Yoga

I feel amazing after practicing Wai Lana Yoga. I've been practicing yoga for about 36 years and discovered Wai Lana a few years ago. Other yoga teachers don't make me feel amazing like Wai Lana does. I feel happy and my body becomes energized.
Wai Lana has a great personality, has nice energy, is happy and has a beautiful way about her. I love that the ocean is in the background when she is teaching yoga.

I love Wai Lana

I love Wai Lana. I've been practicing with Wai Lana for many years, she is really good and I really like her yoga sessions. My husband and I are great admirers. I really like the fact that during her yoga sessions she only says what needs to be said.  She is classy, beautiful and I love her clothes.

Teresa J.

I watch Wai Lana on PBS every day

I watch Wai Lana on PBS every day. Today I saw Yoga for Office Work where everything was done in a chair. It was fabulous, I just loved it! It is something I could do at work.

Mary S

I try to practice Wai Lana Yoga everyday on PBS

I try to practice Wai Lana Yoga everyday on PBS day before I go to work. It is so relaxing. I really like the scenery in the background, I love the music, I love her voice and I love how she dances at the end of the show. I love dancing along with her!

I own a fitness club and I'm also a fitness trainer. I'm going to let my clients know about her and bring my Wai Lana dvds into the club!

Sheila Marie

From doing Wai Lana Yoga, I’m much calmer

From doing Wai Lana Yoga, I’m much calmer, I’m much stronger. It’s helped me train for Rugged Maniac, an event that I do here in New York. It’s a three mile race with 25 obstacles, and I was able to complete it for the first time last year. This year I’m doing it for the second time, and I already know that I have the strength that I need to have for it, thanks to Wai Lana.

Desiree Calderon

The first time I played it and it went into the mantra I cried

The first time I played it and it went into the mantra I cried. I didn't know what I was connecting to but I knew that I was connecting to her. And the music was really strong for me. Whenever I feel weak or unable to do what I need to do I put it on. And I just flow with it. And I've used it as a medium for my wellness since the first time I saw her on television. And I wish there was more, I wish there was more.

Donna Lancaster

Wai Lana is just amazing

Wai Lana is just amazing and different from the other yoga instructors I have seen. She is very soft spoken, she is really down to earth and I love how she explains the benefits of each pose. I'm so impressed with her and love her to pieces. I tell everyone about her!


Wai Lana is a gift. She helped me on levels you don't even realize.

I used to do Wai Lana Yoga every day until my mom passed away last year. At that time I went through a really difficult time and did not do yoga for 3 weeks. My friends were advising me on different things to do to feel better like drinking wine and eating chocolate but I'm not a fan of either. I then thought I should start doing yoga again with Wai Lana. Wai Lana saved me through this very dark time in my life and I’m now practicing every day.

Wai Lana is a gift. She helped me on levels you don't even realize. She does not only help me physically, she helps me emotionally, spiritually and takes me to a calm state of mind. Wai Lana gives me hope in an insane world. Her voice is so calming and she makes everything better. I’m a very hyper person and my mom used to calm me down.  Now that my mom is not here, Wai Lana does that for me and lets me know everything will be ok. She touches my soul and makes things better in this world.

I never felt like I discovered yoga until Wai Lana. She has such depth, serenity and has a profound effect in the world with her peace and kindness. She helps you understand and encourages you at your own level. She talks you through what is possible, as she is explaining you don’t get scared and she does not make you feel bad. If I can help one person that is grieving by inspiring them to get into Wai Lana Yoga I would be thrilled.

I always learn something different every time I listen to her. She may teach a similar pose in her episodes however she will put a different spin on it so you learn something new every time.

As working in the corporate world can be difficult, I do Wai Lana Yoga before going to work to help me through the day. I then do it when I come home so I don’t bring work back home with me.

Thank you Wai Lana!


The meditation also helps me a lot

When I would practice Wai Lana Yoga in the morning I would feel better all day. I was so upset when NYC Life took Wai Lana Yoga off the air. The meditation also helps me a lot, it is very important to do to help you feel less stressed.


Using the Wai Lana videos has helped me

I used to go to a lot of different classes. Dance classes, different yoga classes, but I don’t really like going to a class anymore because when I’m in a class I have to follow along and do what the class is doing. When I’m doing yoga on my own I can listen to my body and do what my body needs at that time. So using the Wai Lana videos has helped me because I can just stick it in and do it on my own. 

Linda Jefferson

Since doing Wai Lana’s DVDs I have reduced my weight

I've discovered that since doing Wai Lana’s DVDs I have reduced my weight a little, to where I want to be and I believe it helps me maintain my weight level.  I think being toned is a very important part of weight in terms of feeling good, fitting into my clothes.

Sharon Jackson

There is nothing better than giving yourself that half hour to do a Wai Lana DVD

When it comes to stress; there are two times of the day when people often feel stressed: when you wake up in the morning and you know you have a really busy day ahead of you and you’re stressed almost before your feet touch the floor. If you can take the time to do a Wai Lana DVD, this can put you into an entirely different frame of mind that stays with you throughout the day, particularly the meditation at the end. That is a wonderful start to your day. And another time of potential stress is in the evening. You come home after work after a busy day, and you are stressed. There is nothing better than giving yourself that half hour to do a Wai Lana DVD. It reduces all the stress of the day and you become calm and peaceful. It totally improves the quality of life, there is no doubt about it. If you use these DVDs in that way, not just for the body but also for the mind, then this improves your quality of life, definitely.

Hazel Newson

PMS used to make my life a nightmare

PMS used to make my life a nightmare. For half of the month I could function like a regular person, but the second half of the month I was a physical, mental, and emotional mess. But yoga has changed this. Since practicing yoga asanas daily, my physical and mental tension has lessened and I am a lot calmer. I also have more energy. Practicing yoga asanas also helps me stick to a healthy diet—I used to eat junk at this time of month but I no longer feel inclined to do that. I am still a little more easily stressed the week before my period but thankfully I am appreciating this as an opportunity to really rest my heart fully in Yoga Sound Meditation. When I am feeling down I go and practice Yoga Sound Meditation with breathing for ten minutes or so and feel ready to face the world again.

Janet K.

I like everything about Wai Lana

I like everything about Wai Lana. So many people in New York are yoga people and she has so many fans here. I love the entire set up of her show, the beautiful background, her clothing and the way she explains everything so clearly. I love all the exercises she does. She even does exercises for your eyes! I love the fact that Wai Lana focuses so much on physical health. She is very different from other yoga teachers I have seen.

Fan from New York

Wai Lana is just awesome!

Wai Lana is just awesome! I've been practicing with Wai Lana for 5 months and she has made such a huge difference in my life. I'm 76 years old and am getting around like a teenager, it’s incredible what I can do with my body now. I've seen a lot of other people teach yoga however there is something very special about Wai Lana. I used to watch her 6 days a week on my local PBS station, I'm very upset she is only on 2 days a week now.

Maybelle Major

I love to wake up with Wai Lana in the morning

As a long time practitioner of yoga I find Wai Lana Yoga to be the very best. She does yoga very slowly, the way it is supposed to be done. She also explains all the benefits the body derives from the different yoga postures in a very comprehensive manner. Wai Lana Yoga is the most beautiful and beneficial. The music and scenery are enjoyable, uplifting and meditative. I love to wake up with Wai Lana in the morning. I miss watching her so much since she is no longer aired on my local station in New York, nothing can replace Wai Lana Yoga.

Ingrid from New York

I really benefited from Wai Lana’s instruction on breathing

I really benefited from Wai Lana’s instruction on breathing—how to use the diaphragm and breathe fully. Part of my condition was that I wasn’t using the lower part of my lungs. I was breathing shallowly through the upper part of my lungs, and I had to practice learning how to breathe correctly.

Linda Lucey


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