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Inspirational Stories

Over the years, many people who have been introduced to yoga by Wai Lana, or who have been inspired by her in their yoga practice, have written with questions or gracious expressions of gratitude.

Best yoga teacher

I am a yoga teacher and have been doing Wai Lana Yoga on PBS for many years. Wai Lana is so wonderful and I appreciate what she does. All I can say is that to me, she is one of the best yoga teachers. It is not just the yoga but the spirituality of her teaching. She is excellent in her techniques and she also teaches people to relax and breath. She is the best in my opinion.

N. Wolf Yoga Teacher Flushing/Queens New York

Love doing yoga with Wai Lana

I love doing yoga with Wai Lana. What sets Wai Lana apart from any other yoga program I have seen are the beautiful outfits she wears and the scenery is just so beautiful.  I also love Wai Lana's music. It really gives me a boost!

K Welch

Brings me that inner peace

Wai Lana Yoga has been so complete for me. It's working on your skeletal structure, it's working on your organs, and it's working on the neurological part of your body. It works on every part of your body. And every day that I do the yoga, and I get quieter and more peaceful, I find that I become more spiritually awakened. And I can bring that into my work. As a massage therapist, it's really important for me to be grounded and for me to feel good because I need to transfer that to my clients. Wai Lana Yoga brings me that inner peace.

Donna Lancaster

Less anxious about the world

After doing Wai Lana Yoga, I carry it with me.  I am able to be present with my breath in that same calm manner that I achieved while doing Wai Lana Yoga.  Carrying it with me as I go about my everyday business in the world keeps me grounded, keeps me centered, keeps me focused and less anxious about the world and my place in it.

Janet Seaforth

It's wonderful

I’ve been in several auto accidents in my lifetime, and I’ve had a lot of whiplash and lower back problems from that. I’ve also had a lot of stress lately, and my neck is my weak point. So I knew I needed to do something. When I was flipping through the channels and found Wai Lana Yoga, I was thinking I could try this yoga, maybe just three times a week or so. And within two weeks, my neck isn’t hurting me anymore. It’s wonderful. 

Mary Frost

Yoga gave me the desire to quit smoking

I used to smoke and yoga gave me the desire to quit smoking, and to stick with it. I think smoking is really that your body wants to breathe. You really want oxygen, not nicotine. So what I do now is breathe deeply. It's like the same act as smoking that cigarette, yet I am breathing oxygen. Doing the yoga makes me more aware of my body, more aware of my breath. 

Phyllis Paige

Just relax

With Wai Lana’s tone and the mood she sets, you’re able to calm down.  When I come home from my job on the floor of the stock exchange, my energy is a 10. I’m bouncing off the walls. My wife is like, “Just relax.” And with Wai Lana, I’m able to come back and find myself and slow down and just remember who I am and what I’m about.  Yoga and Wai Lana has done that.  


Growing spiritually

I do the meditations with her and it’s as if the spirit that connects you to the divine is there.  It’s encircling you.  I am growing spiritually through her DVDs as well as changing my body physically and feeling my emotions lightened. 

Kath Osborn

Regular Yoga

I started seeing improvement in my lower back pain and my varicose veins right away. Over time, I have also seen a reduction in the oiliness of my skin, which was also a byproduct of the hormonal imbalance, as well as the acne clearing up. And I do attribute that to the regular use of Wai Lana’s DVDs.

Jennifer Mabry

Helped me a great deal

The bottom line is that yoga has certainly helped me a great deal with stress, blood pressure, and flexibility. I wake up in the morning raring to go.  I just don't seem to have the problems that many people have when they get older.  I don’t have the aches and pains. I am very fortunate because there is a history of heart disease in my family.  My doctor's aware of that and he is amazed.  He says, "Don you are doing very, very well. Keep it up.  Keep up the yoga.”  So I thought that was very good. He's a specialist and I have worked with him for some time.  He is very pleased with my progress.

Don Wollard

Healthy yoga diet

After being raised on a healthy yoga diet and experiencing how much it benefited me, I knew that I would raise my own kids the same way. It’s a really good feeling to know you are giving your kids foods that will give them the best possible mental and physical health, and food that they really enjoy as well.

Vanessa Blake

The pain is gone

I used to have a problem with digestion, but since I started doing Wai Lana Yoga about a year ago, I've noticed that I don’t have those problems anymore. I used to have a lot of pain and that’s gone now. I do believe that doing yoga with Wai Lana has helped a lot with that. It's very exciting.

Sharon Jackson

Helps me relieve stress and tension

I get a lot of migraine headaches. Being a customer service representative, I’m on the phone a lot, and so I have a lot of neck and shoulder tension. I used to take lots of painkillers for migraines, but now I use Wai Lana’s DVDs to help relieve the stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. The stretching keeps me headache-free as long as I’m doing the exercises.

Melonie Paulima

Controlling Stress

I believe that controlling stress is something I've needed since I was a child, and yoga just brings you into balance. I started eating differently, I started thinking differently. I put myself in a position where I was around more positive people and circumstances. It's not just the physical practice of yoga that helps your body—it's the mental practice and the spiritual practice as well.


Stronger and healthier

After menopause, I noticed that I was steadily gaining weight even though I wasn’t eating more than usual. I’d always been able to lose a few pounds pretty easily, but not anymore. Watching my weight increase from 124 to 132 pounds, with no sign of stopping, made me determined to change something. About 2 months ago I started doing yoga poses at least three times a week and cut junk food out of my diet almost completely. I’m now trying to eat fewer processed foods and have already lost 4 pounds without starving myself in the least. Plus I feel stronger and healthier.


Outstanding work!

I have a daughter who just turned three years old. She has been doing yoga her whole life. She knew you from the television and loved your flowers. I bought her your Little Yogis and Daydream DVDs for her second birthday. She LOVES them. Her father has been kiteboarding for many years and when she saw you kiteboarding, well … all I can say is that she is a great fan of yours, as am I. The graphics are amazing, the content solid and captivating, and the stickers (you know children) were very well received. All in all an outstanding work!


There is something special about it

I absolutely love the Yoga Music of the Heart CD. I never get tired of hearing it. I’m usually stressed out at night, but I put the CD on to help me unwind and fall asleep by the third track. There are other relaxing CDs on the market, but not like this. There is something special about it.

Anna Marie

I love you

Every morning I say to Wai Lana after her workout, "I love you, Wai Lana". She has been a mainstay in my life for decades. I have been meaning to write this email for years, and, today I am finally doing i

A Fan

Practicing breathing correctly

I really benefited from her instruction in the breathing and how to use the breath and how to use the diaphragm and breathe fully. Part of my condition was that I wasn’t using the lower part of my lungs. I was breathing shallowly through the upper part of my lungs, and I had to practice learning how to breathe correctly, and the videos really helped me do that. I can do that while I’m doing the stretches—practice breathing correctly.

Linda Lucey

Working with Wai Lana in the morning

I get tired, and I get a little bit of backache, but getting out there and doing all the deep spinal stretching and the deep breathing—it releases the tension from my body, and then I’m able to go to work and release the tension in my clients’ bodies. So it works real well.

So working with Wai Lana in the morning makes it a lot easier for me to work with my clients for the rest of the day.

Donna Lancaster, massage therapist & reflexologist

I used to worry about my weight

I used to worry about my weight but after doing yoga with Wai Lana's videos, I don't have to worry about it anymore. I stay the same weight, no matter what I eat. I've found that my food choices have changed over the years and I choose food that is good for my body now.

I don't want fatty foods, I don't want sugar. I always choose vegetables, fruits, even soymilk. Another exciting thing is that I'm no longer a coffee-holic. One day I woke up and realized that I just didn't need it and said to myself, 'I'll have a cup of herbal tea instead!'


Doing Wai Lana Yoga helps me sleep better

Doing Wai Lana Yoga helps me sleep better.

I used to be kind of—I don’t know—kinked up in bed and such. Now I just rest peacefully. 

Wai Lana talks about a certain way to lie in between poses, and I’ll do that in bed and it’s very relaxing.

Skye Winter

8 years of great yoga

Dear Wai Lana,

I am so angry and disappointed that they have replaced your PBS show w/Power Yoga. Although I complained, I at least had you on Saturday and Sunday. Then even that changed to Power Yoga, so now you are not on any station in my area.

However, not to be outdone, I ordered all your DVDs, so I still have you. What still bothers me is I've had to change my morning routine because I was doing the entire DVD, making me late for work. So, I bought a new mattress that is wonderful and I don't mind getting up earlier to do yoga w/ you. I'm even getting to work a little earlier with a lighter spring to my step.

Thanx for 8 years of great yoga. Although I can't do everything you do because of my spinal arthritis, I at least make a modified try at everything. I miss seeing you on TV though. Hopefully enough of your fans will make a difference and make PBS realize that there should be room for both Power Yoga and Wai Lana Yoga so that all ages can enjoy the benefits of yoga.


Gentle yoga while pregnant

Hi Wai Lana,

I am happily pregnant.

I luv your yoga so gentle helps me and my spirit soar!

Thanks! Love,


Wai Lana's the best

I have used Wai Lana’s tapes/DVDs for about five years. I look forward to exercise time and feel invigorated and calm afterward; and, as an added perk, I have a better body now than when I was a teenager and into ballet and modern dance. Wai Lana is the best! I have recommended her outstanding DVDs to friends, one is hooked, and he is a gym rat. I can hardly wait for grandchildren to have some little yogis of my own.