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Inspirational Stories

Over the years, many people who have been introduced to yoga by Wai Lana, or who have been inspired by her in their yoga practice, have written with questions or gracious expressions of gratitude.

Your TV show

Hello to you, Wai Lana.

How are you doing, today?

I Would just like to say, I try to catch your TV show when I can. I really enjoy viewing it, and listening to your music, at the end. It is so peaceful to my mind, and spirit, and heart.

I used to do yoga, with a few friends. I was starting to feel good, but then, I seem to have stopped doing yoga. My friends no longer were doing it at all!

I want so much, to get back in to it, again. My body was starting to feel wonderful and so was my mind.

I hope your tv show will continue, to air on pbs, I love the beautiful backgrounds, when you are doing yoga. It looks so terrific and ever so wonderful !

Please have a great day, Wai Lana

And keep up the great work, on your yoga show, on pbs.

Best regards,

Scott A.

You have saved my life

You have saved my life. My Yoga instructor for 10 years retired and moved away. I was lost for a while until I stumbled on your morning show on PBS (WNYE). Now during the week I spend one half hour with you and on weekends can do the full two half-hour shows. I also have 5 of your videos, your yoga kit (mat/strap etc).

I love the way your TV shows are presented with the voiceovers instead of talking while you are showing us the asanas. You start every day for me now with a feeling of peace and relaxation to get through the rest of the day.

A Fan

Discovered your Yoga Show

Hello Wailana,

My name is Mark and I just recently discovered your show on PBS (WHUT). I was very excited to stumble upon it. I have long been a big fan of Yoga and the eastern arts. Now actually a global art. I have however been struggling to find good guidance about it. I have read many different books and magazines, and spoken with many different teachers, but every where I turned there seemed to be a huge price attached to the advice. Needless to say I was very excited to find your show and have you walk me through the steps. I imediately started doing them in front of the T.V. I have to admit I felt better instantly. I love Yoga. I am looking forward to doing more with your videos as soon as I receive them.

Lucky for me I happen to have a day off today. It happens to be veterans day. Surfing through the many channels on T.V. looking for the latest bits of news (uggghhh), I am very glad to find a bit of heaven in your show. I am 34 years of age and I live in D.C. , I am finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Communications (Media Production & Film). After living here for 20 years I hope to leave to a more beautiful place. Maybe Hawaii!?? I've always dreamed of going there, ever since I was a child growing up in the Middle East, it just always seemed like heaven, and maybe it is. I hope to someday in the future be able to dedicate more of my life to the kind of lifestyle to you promote, hopefully with your help. So, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.



My Health & YOGA

Wai Lana,

I want to tell you personally how much you have changed my life. I have been doing exercise for over 20 years, treadmills, weights, aerobics, I have tried it all.

Recently I went thru a difficult divorce and have been stressed to the limit.....The tension I have felt has been unbelievable. I was taking valium prescribed by my physcian and he retired and told me to go see another Doctor to get my prescription.

I am glad to say that I have chose another route. YOGA. It has been unbelievable for me. It has de-stressed me, make me so strong in my mind, body and in my heart, It has made me KNOW that I must take care of myself, nurture and LOVE my BODY ...

I tell everyone who has stress and is weak about YOU. and the benefits that YOGA can provide.

Thank you with all my heart, body and soul. My daughter has ordered the Hello Fitness DVD for me for Christmas, and I am so looking forward to YOGA for the rest of my LIFE.

Thank you so much, and keep up the fantastic work. By the way, I love your clothing too, its so bright and colorful....LIKE YOU...



Wai Lana on KCBS in CA

I am so happy to see Wai Lana back on KCBS in CA. I have missed her so much. Power Yoga is okay, but Wai Lana is so much more. I tape every episode and do the asanas in the evening as well. Thank you again and again.



Dear Wai Lana,

This year has been a while for me to pay much attention to yoga especially in my build up seasons. This winter into spring I look forward to participating actively my yoga routine through your shows.

I hope you will take advantage this new year towards branching out as an empire on yoga and this being the importance with being active. Your show means very much to me and wish you the warmest on well strong being.

Thank you so much with loads of special care, sincerely,


A Big Thank You

Hello Wai Lana,

I wanted to write and thank you for your program. I have been following along here in Canada on a PBS station for the last 3 weeks, and I've greatly enjoyed it. I've tried other programs, but I don't enjoy them as much as yours. I think it's the combination of the relaxing scenery and also the really great outfits you wear. (So bright and fun!)

Keep up the inspiring work!



Yoga Programs

I just want to thank you for the inspiring music on your yoga shows. I have been watching for the last 6 weeks and have enjoyed the relaxing you have shown us.

I feel more relaxed after watching your yoga show.

The beautiful background makes it even more enjoyable and more relaxing while joining in your sessions.

Thanks again for your yoga program and continue to bring us more sessions of your yoga programs.

Thanks again,



Gracias por enviarme tu material, se que al estar en "contacto con la meditacion se encuentra la paz interior". hay aveces que escucho tus melodias por el internet; y sigue asi un amigo que te sigue cerca con lo que muestras a la demas personas.


Thank you for sending me your material, I know that by being in “contact with meditation one finds inner peace.” Sometimes I listen to your melodies on the internet. Keep it up.

A friend who follows closely what you teach others,

Henrry B.


I just heard some of your music on my cable television music channel. It was really excellent. I listen to a lot of new age and eastern music,usually with the TV off, so when I heard your music I thought it was Kitaro, good Kitaro. What a surprise. Please continue writing your songs.



Keep up the good work!

Wow, what can I say? I've been watching Wai Lana's show for months (or is that years?). Anyways, I want to say to keep up the good work. I enjoy the program very much. :D


Vegetarian Recipes

Thank you so much for the vegetarian receipes from your web-site. I started yoga 3 yrs. ago and have followed a low fat vegetarian diet from the Dr. Dean Ornish Program. I was so happy to see your videos on public broadcasting that I have purchased some of them. You are very inspiring and I'm happy to say I start my day with you every morning.




Dear Wai Lana!!!

Thank you for your love and caring for us, just ordinary women! Since I have begun to make hatha yoga on your CDs, my life cmpletely changed!

I took your foto and it is on the wall near my bed. Every morning I see your smiling face and it makes me happy! I want to make smth really useful for the world also!

I feel there is something inside me that pushes me to live, not ordinary life, some different life! I am sure now that there is another life here, that is full of happiness, real one!!!

Thank you!!!


World's Greatest Yoga Expert

Dear WaiLana,

In August '06 I found you by accident surfing the channels. Your Yoga has helped me enormously. I lost 31 lbs.and my sugar levels dropped. I feel energetic and excited with the remarkable results from doing Yoga with you, WaiLana.

You have a captivating voice, you are a great inspiration and your locations are enchanting!! I told my husband, Frank, my doctor Reuben and his assistants to watch your Yoga program, and everyone will benefit from your healthy Yoga lifestyle.

Thank you, WaiLana, you are beyond compare, and God Bless you. I hope to meet you some day. I'm telling everyone to watch WaiLana and do Yoga with you to improve their health. WaiLana is the World's Greatest Yoga Expert!!


Loretta S.

Enjoying your show

Hi Wai Lana,

I just want to say how much I'm enjoying your show, which is broadcast on our public television station in Spokane, Washington. The instructions are very clear and thorough, both spoken instructions and the camera angles that show just how to put the hands or hold the head and so on. The music and imagery are so inviting that altogether your lessons are thoroughly enjoyable and encouraging. I get up each morning looking forward to yoga practice. Many of the asanas are challenging for me -- as a beginner I find it helps to have a little sense of humor -- but already after 3 weeks of daily practice I'm stretching more easily and becoming more graceful in the poses. I aspire to do them all as gracefully as you some day! I find your program is a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you so much for sharing your skill at yoga, at teaching and at producing such a wonderful program.


Karen D.

I feel a sense of peace

Dear Wailana, I have had the pleasure of watching your program for about a year and a half. I came upon it accidentally, or maybe by fate when my dad became ill and i had to make early calls to him and my mom. Immediately your manner and voice were the soothing connection i needed. As I began following the program i felt better. In fact it was and is the only time i feel a sense of peace and ease from the stressors of life. Living in NYC alone can do that, but with family issues, so much more.

I had my mom also watch--at 84 she is good at doing some of the program too. Six months ago my dad passed away and my mom broke her hip. This program has saved me and i have written wnye telling them how vital the show is and what a resource it is. I have your tapes, just bought a mat so i feel even more of a connection. I am hoping that soon my mom can return to practicing. She does the breathing and arm stretches and it helps. For me, it is a way to find myself again. I hope i do but wanted you to know how you touch and help heal people. Bless you and thank you.

Gail S.

I gain new experiences every time I do your yoga

I've started out for the first time in years to try to exercise to get in shape, all of the programs seem to want too much from you ( me, that is, of course).

We have Denise Austin, Jennifer Galardi: who are all good athletes and stuff, but none of their workouts seem as easy as yours. i've always wanted to be flexible and the other programs never seem to do that. then i saw on the TV guide channel Wai Lana Yoga, and i just started to watch it since then.

I gain new experiences every time i do your yoga. i watch it every day now, and i actually lost a few pounds by doing it. i've become one of your biggest fans or your biggest fan and thank you for sharing yoga with everyone, you really make it seem easy. i hope you write me back, it would really mean a lot to me.

Thank you!

"Cup" (Ramona J.)

I am your fan number one

Hello Dear Wai Lana,

I am an Ecuadorian fan, I love you so much, you change my life, I practice yoga every day with your videos.

Thanks for your help, you are exceptional, I want to know you.

Congratulations. Regards,


Thank you for sharing with us the gift of yoga

Thank you Wai Lana, for making the gift of yoga so readily available to all of us!

I am so happy to discover the website, after finding your program that airs on PBS, here, locally. Not only do you offer us a broad education in the Yoga lifestyle, but do it with such beauty and elegance. I have two little ones that enjoy your program right along with me and we look forward to the time together practicing yoga with you. Again, thank you for your outstanding work and effort. We are most grateful.




Wai Lana,

I am sure you know of a tradition when a young woman who gets just married and starting a new life, as a wife and soon as a new mother get all the goodies from her mother such as a beautiful table set, bed linens etc etc for her new life. Well, I feel like you equipped me with all that I need - wonderful cookbooks, relaxation, body workout, mind and heart food. Also healthy activities for kids as well as the body care and ayurvedic formulas.

Thank you!

Sylwia D J.

A thousand thank-you's

Hi Wai Lana a thousand thankyous!

My daughter has fallen asleep to your sweet, calm voice for 5 years now. Your cds have helped her with her sleep problems, nightmares, night terrors, anxiety and bullying etc.

I bought her many different visualisations over time but she has not wanted to listen to any others but yours.

We've had fun with your cards, books and yoga video too. You've been a big and healing part of our lives.

Love and gratitude to you all-ways Rosemary(mum) and Layla (9yrs) from Sydney Australia.

Rosemary Volpato

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for your yoga CD. It helps me every day. I had a stem cell transplant and use yoga as my therapy! Your voice and energy is cosmic.


Thank you

Dear Wai Lana:  I found you on PBS here in Las Vegas, about September, 2010.    LOVE your program, and here is why:  I took vinyasa yoga a few years back, then got lazy, big mistake.  Then when I found you and started getting back into Yoga, I was very happy with how you conduct your session.  And by that I mean, your every move is accompanied with exact and detailed audio instruction to match the video and your movement through the poses.  Soooo important to someone re-connecting, AND for the beginner. I am 56 years young, still fairly flexible, and certainly aspire to become half as flexible as you are.  You are truly an inspiration, and a beautiful soul that the planet is so very fortunate to have.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  And I am happy to be your student.!

Gratitude, blessings, and love!


Dianna K.

You are an amazing woman

Dear Wai Lana!

You are an amazing woman that changed my world with just one video. You made me feel better and gave me the strength and hope and you convinced me that I can make it! That's just amazing how person is able to do this, you share love and hope.


Luka Mejaè