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A New Generation of Little Yogis

Press Release

It was only a matter of time before kids would start doing yoga too—considering the surge in yoga’s popularity over the past decade. Especially when kids see mom stretching across a big purple yoga ball or hanging upside down on a turquoise mat … how could yoga not appeal to the curious child?

Wai Lana, host of the long-running PBS series Wai Lana Yoga, is now making it even more inviting for kids to take up the practice of yoga with a Little Yogis Kitspecifically designed for children ages 3 to 8. Fun, safe, easy, and convenient, the kit provides everything a little yogi needs to get started on the path to a long, healthy life.

The Wai Lana Little Yogis Kit features a 30-minute video/DVD with the warm and personable Wai Lana and several little yogis pretending to be cobras, bears, butterflies, bridges, trees, bows and arrows, and lots of other fun things as they perform various yoga asanas. The kit also includes a kid-size Yogi Mat styled with little cartoon yogis in action; a colorful, sturdy yoga mat bag complete with an extra pocket for water and snacks; and a large, full-color cartoon poster with 21 yoga exercises. Wai Lana will also be releasing a Little Yogis CD featuring 22 of her original songs—perfect for kids to dance to, do yoga to, play to, and even fall asleep to.

Wai Lana’s new Little Yogis Kit is a dream for parents. It engages, entertains, and delights children while simultaneously stretching and strengthening their bodies, sharpening their minds, and improving their balance and coordination—all without the kids even realizing they’re exercising. That yoga seems to have a calming effect on children is a secret parents are now wisely embracing.

“If kids are going to watch TV, they may as well watch something that’s good for them,” said Wai Lana, “and with child obesity a growing worldwide problem, what better way to get kids exercising than making it fun for them? You truly are helping them develop healthy habits that will continue benefiting them for the rest of their lives.”

With entertaining yoga videos like Wai Lana’s Little Yogis, it’s clear that yoga is fast becoming a fun, bonding, and de-stressing activity for both kids and parents. This thought was echoed by Elayne Blythe, president of the Film Advisory Board, in presenting Wai Lana’s Little Yogis video with its Award of Excellence for quality family/children’s entertainment. Ms. Blythe said “This tape is great for children—but adults who are newcomers to yoga can benefit from this video as well! Great exercises for all ages!” Ms. Blythe went on to say, “What a beautiful tape! Charming, with beautiful scenery. It’s her best!”

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