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Health Made Easy with New Juicing Book

Press Release

With increasing attention on nutrition, people are becoming more conscious of bad habits that lead to poor health. Maintaining a balanced diet and staying fit are on most people's "wish list," but finding the time to prepare a meal that is both healthy and delicious remains a challenge.

Wai Lana, one of the foremost personalities in the world of yoga, is now making the road to health easy, fun, and delicious with her amazing new juice book—Wai Lana's Favorite Juices. Hitting stores in time for Christmas, Wai Lana's new book features 88 beautifully photographed and mouth-watering juice, smoothie, and dessert recipes that are sure to please the entire family—kids included.

Whether an individual's interest is in tasty recipes, yoga, beauty, losing weight, or just feeling good, Wai Lana makes a healthy lifestyle easy and attractive to everyone. Her recipes deliver satisfying and nutritious meals that can help curb the appetite and thus shed unwanted pounds. With her wealth of knowledge, Wai Lana helps readers appreciate the incredible health benefits experienced from nature's most potent and revitalizing supplement—fresh juice.

Wai Lana's juice book gives people on the go a quick and easy way to have a delicious as well as highly nutritious meal. Her luscious recipes deliver a wellspring of health-preserving vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that easily prove vital nutrition and great taste are meant to go hand in hand.

Wai Lana's television series, which airs on PBS stations nationwide, is seen by millions of viewers on five continents. One of the world's best-known yoga teachers, Wai Lana has been exploring the wonderful world of juicing for more than 25 years. Her sincere efforts to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle come through in shining colors in her book Wai Lana's Favorite Juices.

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