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Kids De-Stress Through Yoga

Press Release

In an age when ADD and ADHD have become household terms, it’s become critical to help our kids achieve a state of health, balance, and happiness—without a prescription. Perhaps more than anyone, children feel the pressures and insecurities of life in this world. It’s also easy for youngsters to be negatively influenced by the flood of mixed messages conveyed through television, the Internet, games, and movies.

Recognizing that adults are not the only ones who need rest, relaxation, and relief from the media, prolific artist and yogi Wai Lana has come up with a solution: her new DaydreamDVD. Combining colorful cartoon visuals, soothing sounds and songs, and fun learning games, Daydream captivates kids of all ages and helps them relax … naturally.

“Rest and relaxation are essential to our well-being no matter how old we are,” says Wai Lana, “and learning to relax when you’re young will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

Filled with secret waterfalls, hot air balloon rides, pink elephants, happy monkeys, and dancing butterflies, Wai Lana’s inviting Daydream cartoon is a feast for the imagination. It truly makes naptime a treat for kids, parents, and teachers. Drawing from an ancient yoga relaxation technique that’s designed to relieve stress, Daydream guides kids through a playful head-to-toe meditation, entertaining them as they settle down.

Wai Lana, host of the long-running PBS series Wai Lana Yoga, adds the Daydream DVD to her popular Little Yogis line, which already includes exercise DVDs, music CDs, mats, kits, games, and activity books. The perfect companion to her existing DaydreamCD, this enchanting Daydream DVD is sure to become another family favorite.

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