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Slim Down This Spring with Fresh Juice

It’s Your Life, Spring/Summer 2005

A time characterized by renewal, energy, and action (as well as shorts and tank tops!), spring is when many of us hope to lose the weight we’ve put on during the winter months. Thankfully, with freshly made juice, there’s no need for this to be such a struggle—after all, fresh juice definitely gives us a weight loss advantage. Aside from cleansing the body, strengthening tissues, and providing energy from the inside out, the juice of quality fruits and veggies can be instrumental in helping us shed extra weight at the end of a long winter.

Conquering Hunger

In a culture where we frequently eat prepared food, restaurant food, or frozen or canned food, it’s common for us to get more than enough calories each day without actually getting enough nutrition. This can lead to a constant, agitating hunger that causes us to consume more calories than our bodies need. The juice of fresh fruits and vegetables, however, is like a shot of concentrated nutrition. Quickly and effectively, it works to nourish the body on a cellular level and subdue the body’s underlying hunger.

Natural Weight Loss Foods

Nature also provides us with foods, herbs, and spices that have subtle yet effective weight loss properties. For example, fresh grapefruit, lemon, lime, grapes, melon, cucumber, celery, lettuce, watercress, parsley, and jicama can help reduce excess weight and water retention. They also help flush the kidneys, cleanse the digestive tract, and improve circulation—especially when juiced. Small amounts of chili pepper, ginger, arugula, or horseradish can be added to juice to help boost the body’s metabolic rate. Supplement fresh juice with spirulina, cayenne pepper, or apple cider vinegar to enhance its weight loss properties.

More Energy

A springtime juicing regimen helps you feel light on your feet and gives you energy to get outside and exercise. Rich in countless vital nutrients like silicon, sulfur, and calcium, fresh juice helps strengthen bones and connective tissues so your body can move with ease. Once you get started, you may notice your eyes become clearer, your eyesight sharper, and your complexion more radiant. You can take full advantage of fresh juices by drinking a few glasses each day and eating light, nutritious foods, allowing your stomach to shrink a little. This will help reduce your appetite as well as your waistline. When it comes to cleansing, energizing, and slimming down your body, a short juice fast can get you off to a strong start. Here’s a spicy, satisfying juice recipe that’s perfect for weight loss. Hot chili, ginger, and mustard help boost metabolism. Jerusalem artichoke contains inulin, a nondigestible carbohydrate that can satisfy the body’s cravings for foods like bread, pasta, and potato without converting to sugar during digestion.

Fat Burner

  • 1/4 teaspoon fresh hot chili pepper
  • 1-inch piece fresh ginger
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 3 Jerusalem artichokes (about 1 cup)
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground mustard
  • Slice of lime for garnishing

Pass the first 5 ingredients through your juicer in the order listed. Stir the mustard into the juice, garnish with lime, and serve. Makes about 1½ cups. Wai Lana hosts the longtime TV series Wai Lana Yoga, which airs nationally on PBS and the Wisdom channel. This recipe is from her book Wai Lana’s Favorite Juices, which 

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