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World’s Foremost Yoga Teacher Offers Fun Challenge to Yoga Enthusiasts

INTERNET WIRE, August 28, 2001

Yoga. It's the newest and oldest way to get in shape—and meditate. As the world's foremost yoga teacher, Wai Lana is known for making yoga accessible to any age or level of ability. Her TV series, which airs nationwide on PBS and is watched by tens of millions in dozens of countries in five continents around the world, is noted for its mesmerizing backdrops and soothing musical scores.

Fans and newcomers alike will be able to experience the timeless art of yoga in Wai Lana's latest installment, the Fun Challenge series. Whether on Oprah, the cover of Time magazine, or at your local gym, yoga is flowing into the mainstream. More than just a trend, however, it appears that yoga is here to stay. It's not surprising, considering yoga is over 5000 years old—and a science in and of itself. The main reason why more and more people are buying yoga books and videos and rushing off to yoga studios is because yoga actually seems to work. Yoga not only strengthens and sculpts the body, but it has also been shown to benefit internal organs like the heart, kidneys, and lungs and systems like digestion, circulation, and metabolism. Practitioners are reporting that whether they start doing yoga to look better or to feel better, they are seeing both results. Another aspect of yoga that puts it a cut above other forms of exercise—and may explain why it has such staying power—is the effect it can have on the mind. Studies show that yoga can greatly reduce levels of stress and anxiety, especially if you meditate afterward. In fact, many practitioners claim to feel "blissed out" after an invigorating yoga session. "By helping your mind and senses detach from the things that agitate them, yoga and meditation can help you achieve a real sense of peace," says Wai Lana. "These days, people usually start doing yoga to get into shape, but they keep doing it because it makes them feel good."

Fun Challenge is a series of three routines that work you both internally and externally. Burn Off heats the body, burning away calories and toxins. Upside Down effectively improves your metabolism, boosts your immune system, and reduces stress. Firming is designed to slim and tone your midriff and thighs and improve your posture. All of these routines include meditation, which many yogis believe to be the heart of any yoga practice. The Fun Challenge series is the long-awaited crown jewel to Wai Lana's yoga trilogy, which includes the Easy series and the Hello Fitness series. Each series includes three routines, ending with a meditation session. Focusing on ancient sound vibrations, this form of meditation is known to clear the mind and elevate the spirit. Says a long-time student, "I did yoga for years before meeting Wai Lana, and never did I get such a sweet taste from it until I started doing it with her. What she teaches really comes from the heart."

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