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Yoga: From Wai Lana

Whispers Online Magazine, July 2002

 It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find anyone who has had as much influence as Wai Lana in increasing the worldwide appreciation of the beauty and benefits of the ancient art of yoga. Wai Lana's internationally aired TV series has attracted a huge audience and has played a significant part in the recent substantial growth in the popularity of yoga.

Wai Lana, the #1 yoga teacher in the world, has an incredible life story behind her unmatched success story of today. Currently her yoga instruction television show is seen by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and is the most-watched yoga show on the planet (on many PBS-TV stations in America!). She also has a popular best-selling line of yoga instruction videos as well as musical CDs that are perfect for use during yoga. But she came from very humble beginnings. Her parents were peasants in China living in the country before moving to Hong Kong, where Wai Lana was born. She watched as her parents became enamored with making money and exploring the materialism that a big city offers.

As a young teenager, she was in Hong Kong during the Vietnam War era when the city was a popular destination for servicemen on R&R (rest and relaxation) leave looking for action and a good time with any available woman. Wai Lana also fell in with the city's cosmopolitan, international crowd, where drugs were the order of the day. Somehow avoiding materialistic desires, roving war heroes, and the danger of drugs, Wai Lana discovered yoga as her physical and spiritual salvation. She left her home and family at the tender age of 17 to go to India to study yoga and has made yoga her life's work. Despite her successes, Wai Lana puts the profits of her show and products back into furthering yoga instruction worldwide.

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