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Rocking Beetle

Wa Lana's Little Yogis Rocking Beetle

Have you ever seen a beetle that has fallen on its back? It has a hard time getting up. It rocks back and forth and up and down to try to turn over.

  1. You’ll need a thick mat or carpet to lie down on to cushion your spine.
  2. Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Place your hands under your knees (or wrap your arms around them).
  3. Lift your legs and swing up …
  4. … then roll back down.

Make your body into a little ball so you can rock and roll easily. Roll a few more times, then rest.

Did you know that you have nerves that go from your spine to every part of your body? Nerves help your body work. When you rock and roll on your back, you help your nerves work better, and that makes your whole body feel good!

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