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Kick Nicotine with Yoga

People often ask me whether yoga can help them quit smoking. It can. Practice the asanas in fresh air, focusing on the breath. Pay special attention to pranayama, yoga’s breathing techniques. After all, for some, smoking is just the urge to breathe deeply, and you will with yoga!

The more yoga you practice yoga techniques, the more you’ll become aware of your lungs and how yoga makes you feel overall. You see, yoga enhances your lung capacity, oxygenates your cells, and increases circulation, energizing your entire body. Smoking does the opposite. If you practice regularly, one day you just might find that breathing fresh, clean air feels and tastes so good that you won’t want to inhale harmful smoke into your lungs anymore. In addition, the discipline you get from practicing asanas, pranayama, and yoga meditation can help you find the strength to kick the nicotine habit.