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Too Tired to Practice?

If you feel tired and exhausted at the end of the day, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. But yoga asanas, as well as breathing, relaxation, and meditation techniques, actually relieve fatigue, stiffness, tension, and stress.

So take your pick, or do some of each. If you practice regularly, you'll have more energy and you'll tire less easily. But if you do get tired, stressed, and tense, you'll have some powerful tools to help you feel better insta

Yogis Don't Gamble

One of the activities yogis avoid is gambling. Why? Because it counteracts the effects on the body, mind, and consciousness of our yoga practice. For example, you may do yoga to relieve stress and tension. Gambling not only increases tension and stress but creates fear and anxiety as well. These mental and emotional feelings can become deep-rooted, leading to health problems such as insomnia, headaches, ulcers, and digestive problems.

Outdoor Yoga

Now that the warm spring weather is here, why not practice yoga outdoors? I love to practice outside, especially by the ocean. Out in the fresh air, any of the asanas or breathing techniques quickly oxygenates your entire body.

Water Replenishes Body Fluids

If you've been doing yoga asanas, you've probably noticed that they can cause you to perspire a lot, especially in hot climates. But don't worry, sweating is good for your health. It cools down the body and eliminates toxins. However, if you perspire a lot without drinking enough fluids, your body can dehydrate, and this can cause both minor and major health problems. In general, you should drink between 6 to 10 glasses of water each day. If it's hot and you plan to exercise vigorously, you can drink more. Some yoga asanas should not be done too soon after drinking.

Busy, Busy Yogi Bees

The less time you have, the more you need to do yoga. "But how?" you may ask. "I'm already doing way too much." Well, with yoga, it's easy to break down your practice into shorter periods if the mere thought of getting up an hour earlier makes you yawn. Although, I must say, an hour of yoga is more energizing than an hour of sleep!

Increase Your Flexibility

Pain is not a bad thing—the good pain of a safe stretch, that is. In fact, putting up with a bit of discomfort will increase your flexibility. You may be tempted to pull back from a stretch, especially in a pose you're not used to. But instead of coming out of the pose at the slightest hint of discomfort, bear with it. It's only by holding the pose that you'll coax your muscles to lengthen. You know from experience you'll feel better afterward, and the longer you hold the pose (safely, of course), the easier it will be next time.

Stretch Before Action

There’s one thing you need to be careful of when you exercise, whether you practice aerobics, gymnastics, weightlifting, or a particular sport. And my friend, a martial arts expert, is no exception. She loves to practice Tae Kwon Do’s high kicks. Sometimes she’s lucky; she kicks high, it feels good, and it looks great. Trouble is, she’s so enthusiastic that she often hurts herself because she kicks higher than she can stretch. She throws her leg up, using the leg’s momentum to get it as high as possible.

Kick Nicotine with Yoga

People often ask me whether yoga can help them quit smoking. It can. Practice the asanas in fresh air, focusing on the breath. Pay special attention to pranayama, yoga’s breathing techniques. After all, for some, smoking is just the urge to breathe deeply, and you will with yoga!

Three-Stage Perseverance

Some yoga poses are easy for us; we like doing them and practice them regularly. Sometimes, however, we try a new pose that stretches muscles we don't often use or requires us to muster up strength. That's when our resistance kicks in.

Let's say you learned a new pose yesterday that was quite hard for you. When it comes time to do it today, you're reluctant. You know how stiff you were in that pose, how little movement you got, and it felt uncomfortable. So you're inclined to skip that one. But those are just the poses your body needs