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Three-Stage Perseverance

Some yoga poses are easy for us; we like doing them and practice them regularly. Sometimes, however, we try a new pose that stretches muscles we don't often use or requires us to muster up strength. That's when our resistance kicks in.

Let's say you learned a new pose yesterday that was quite hard for you. When it comes time to do it today, you're reluctant. You know how stiff you were in that pose, how little movement you got, and it felt uncomfortable. So you're inclined to skip that one. But those are just the poses your body needs

If you persevere, you'll go through different stages as you work with the pose. The first stage of reluctance usually lasts about a month. But as your body loosens up, you'll move into the second stage. The pose becomes tolerable and your body and mind no longer resist so much. This stage may last another six weeks or so, getting better and better. Finally, you'll get to stage three; the pose will be quite pleasant and enjoyable. At that point, when the pose becomes easy for you, it's time to find another pose that you're reluctant to do.

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