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Wai Lana Yoga TV Series

Wai Lana has produced and hosted nearly 200 half-hour television programs of yoga instruction.

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One of the world's most-watched yoga teachers

Wai Lana is one of the most well-known yoga teachers in the world today. Look at one of her shows and you will quickly understand why. Entertaining, informative, lively and yet serene—it is hard not to get hooked on Wai Lana Yoga.

Beautifully produced, the shows are shot on location from the world-famous coastlines of Hawaii and California to the spectacular red rock deserts of Sedona. The shows feature beautiful, relaxing sound-tracks of original music by Wai Lana.

Her daily yoga TV shows are regularly watched by millions of people around the globe on five continents. In the Unites States, her 30-minute television series “Wai Lana Yoga” started airing nationwide in 1998 and is still airing today after more than 20 years—making it the longest-running fitness series ever on public television.

Does your public station air Wai Lana Yoga or Wai Lana Insights?

Check your local listings or call your local public station to find out. If your local station is not carrying Wai Lana Yoga or Wai Lana Insights, please let them know that you would like them to carry the series. If you need contact information you can call our toll-free number: 1-800-228-5145.

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Now available on Amazon Prime

Wai Lana TV Series now available on Amazon Prime

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