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The Yogic Outlook on Aging

Science News ran an interesting article entitled “healthy old age may trump immortality”. It had various points on aging and how a person's lifespan may one day be lengthened. It also explained that the effects of aging could be minimized through scientific advancements. The premise of the study seems to be that with a healthy body, free from the ravages of aging, a person would be happy. While we can appreciate that a healthy body does make us feel better, a yogic outlook on life offers a deeper perspective on happiness and aging.

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My “Alive Forever” video shares the ancient yoga wisdom expressed as “Aham Brahmasmi”—meaning I am the eternal spiritual being. I am not my body, and I will not die when my body dies. This simple message has the power to free us all from the fear of aging and death.

Inevitably, no matter how much science can help us to age gracefully, these bodies at some point or another, will cease to be. However, we, the soul, are eternal in essence. The true self is ever-youthful and ever-lasting.

“Knowing I’m not the body, I am at ease.

I am spirit soul. I glide through life with inner peace.

Life has no end. Alive forever, I the soul, will be.”

Science has proven that we have an entirely new body every seven years because every molecule is replaced at certain points in our lifetime. Take a look at a photograph from seven years ago, and notice the subtle and not so subtle differences. What remains unchanged? You, the spirit soul residing in that body. This tangible example is simple evidence of this ancient Vedic truth of Aham Brahmasmi.

While we should do everything we can to eat healthily, exercise daily, drink water, and get enough sleep, we shouldn’t be afraid of aging or getting old. The true self is ever youthful and everlasting. Taking refuge in this knowledge is where true inner peace can be found. While very simple, this message is very profound and the real solution to the issues caused by aging.

Wishing you well,
Wai Lana


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